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without Doing 造句过去式

He sat there for a long time without doing anything.他长时间坐在哪儿,什么也没做.

I come without carrying anything

without 是没有的意思由于wihout是介词,所以后面接-ing的形式without doing sth. 是没有做任何事的意思,同时without 和 with 一样,表伴随例句:1.there is no point for me to stay here without doing anything .2.what am i doing without you?3.He stayed at home all the afternoon without doing anything.

He without doing his homework. 他没有做他的作业.

something 是不定代词,没有过去式Do something without doing something.祈使句动词原形开头

our parents always keep us from being hurt .其实用 our parents always keep us from danger . 会更好

这里只要用having就好了 因为这个是做状语的不受前面时态影响

man can not secceed without being brave. Yesterday,I get my hair cut

I just sat here without doing anything. 我就坐在那里,什么也不做.

填 saying without 是介词,后面跟动名词 saying

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