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stretch out 伸手;伸展 例:NowIcanstretch out my hand, and graspsome of it.现在我可以伸出手来,抓住一些阳光了.

stretch out[英][stret aut][美][strt at]延伸; 绵延; 伸直; 满足需要; 例句:1.Mankind stretch out a hand not just to eat, drink or fight, but also to draw. 人类伸出手来,不单是为了吃、喝或搏杀,也是为了绘画创作.2.By no means, my dear duke; but just stretch out your hand. 没有那个意思,亲爱的公爵,但您且伸手找一找.

你好!stretch out,词组,甩开双腿大步走.如有疑问,请追问.

1、He was about to stretch out his hand to grab me.他正要伸手抓我.2、 Seeing this beach stretch out before you is a beautiful site to behold.看着沙滩在眼前绵延绝对是种享受.

outstretch美 [at'stret]英 [at'stret]v.张开;展开;伸展超过… 伸出;扩张;拉长例句筛选Conclusion Economies of scale is the ultimate incentive to continuousoutstretch for hospitals.结论规模经济是当前医院不断扩张的根本动因.

hold on 坚持住,握住不放;(打电话时)不挂断,等会 hold out 维持,保持;坚持(要求),不屈服

你好!His chair, armrest paralyzed in both legs forward a stretch out打字不易,采纳哦!

spread out : 伸开,展开 传播 摊开 相关例句1. The smoke from chimney is spreading out in the sky.烟囱冒出的烟正在空中散开. 2. Let's spread out the futon.铺床吧. 3. River has spread out of the bank.河水已溢出了堤岸.

1. hold on是坚持住,握住不放的意思;hold out 是维持住的,坚持要求和意见,不屈服的意思.Hold on句子:These nuts and bolts hold the wheels on. 这些螺帽和螺栓把轮子固定住了.2. Hold out句子:We can stay here for as long as our

本意是兴奋、激动后的平静状态,如:After the fight both men need to cool off.后来90年代发展成一种音乐类型名称,也写作chillout,指节奏相对较舒缓的电子音乐

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