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skipping n. 柳埔;壙扮委歯麗木腎 v. 柳狛(skip議ing侘塀);煤酔議柳;凖息 玉囂 cycle skipping 巓豚柳化 ; 柳巓 printer skipping 咫忖字睡埆 Rope skipping 柳服 Skipping Class 返辧槽 skipping stitching 柳寞濕 ; 柳寞隈 Error Skipping 待狛危列亀宛 Skipping Stone 嬉邦働 ; 穐潮帽川 skipping step 究化


grounding 頁匯嶽翌忽幻銚斤頃徨載送佩議獲沓圭隈,宥械頁音否俯翌竃螺、螺窮強、貧利、心窮篇岻窃.ground,祥頁勣圻仇音強議吭房.skiving class 哘乎頁 skipping classes杏,頁毛仁議吭房but i've promised my parents that i'll be nice for the rest of the term for not grounding me for skiving classes.徽頁厘覚典厘幻銚泌惚音葎毛仁宸並沓厘議三,宸僥豚噫和晩徨厘脅氏行行議.

grade skipping (謁ドン!version) - 翫i could be i could be your boyfriendsuddenly suddenly you're all i need嘛いことも 帆Δ妨个犬討[osanai koto mo miryoku ni kanjite yo]you are my you are my prima donnavery hot now このままじゃ[

Hello,everyone! My name is XXX. I'm from LiangShan Primary School. I'm an outgoing boy/girl. I have many hobbies, such as jogging, skipping,singing and so on.

Think that your heart jumps when your rope skipping, very quickly, and manifest healthy colour on your face.


促麼低挫!遍枠柳服頁skipping rope,徽頁輝柳服恬葎協囂栖俐蔑曳琵扮,曾倖簡議乏會勣個延,軸rope-skipping.凪肝race頁琵怒,遇燕幣柳服曳琵,哘乎喘contest匯簡.忝貧,柳服曳琵議哂猟:rope-skipping contest

才剴抑抑匯軟螺 螺螺甜.

Hello, nice to meet you, introduce myself, my name is Lai Jingmin, 14 years old this year, from the new village, now in the white Penzhu middle school 3 class reading. I like reading, writing, skipping and other projects. Would you please tell me about some of your things.

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