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exert oneself to英 [iz:t wnself tu:]美 [zt wnslf tu]努力,尽力双语例句1. In this way, kaisuism helps one to exert oneself further for excellence and success. 这个怕输的过程其实就是努力的过程, 奋斗的过程.来自互联网2. As long as one isn't starving to death, one should do revolutionary work and exert oneself. 人没有饿死, 就要做革命工作,就要奋斗.

resign oneself to逆来顺受双语对照词典结果:resign oneself to听从,顺从; 以上结果来自金山词霸网络释义1. 使听从于2. 顺从3. 听凭于4. 听任5. 听从于例句:1.Not to believe that is to resign oneself to lifelong mediocrity and to the notion that it is all you deserve.

例句:We should all accommodate ourselves to circumstances.我们都应让自己适应环境.此处的to是介词,后面加名词和其他名词性的词.从理论上来说,可以加如代词(宾格),动名词(doing).

abandon oneself to doing 中的 to 和 I ask her to accompany me 中的 to 不是一回事.前者是介词,后者是动词不定式符号;前者后面必须接名词,后者后面必须是动词原形. abandon oneself to doing 的意思是“放任自己于(做)某


devote oneself to后接动名词doing.具体释义如下:devote oneself to 英文发音:[dvtwnselftu ] 中文释义:致力于 例句:If I become a teacher, I will devote myself to giving them better education.如果我成为一名教师,我会尽全力来让

devote oneself to sth/doing sth致力于

lend oneself to 参与,插手;赞助;顺应于,服从;适合 例句: Don't lend yourself to such dishonest schemes.不要参与这种欺诈的勾当. Alice wouldn't lend herself to the plot to hide the teacher's chalk.艾丽斯不赞成要把教师的粉笔藏起来的鬼主意.

1前一个词组的意思带有放弃,某人放弃做某事,to不是介词2后一个词组的to不是介词,表示沉溺于恶习当中例如: If you abandon yourself to an emotion, you think about it a lot and feel it strongly, especially when other people might think you are

confine oneself to只涉及,只限于[英][knfain wnself tu:][美][knfan wnslf tu]

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