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recommend 是动词,意思是“推荐, 劝告, 介绍; 推荐; 提出建议”后面要跟宾语,宾语可以是短语,也可是是句子.如:Can you recommend me a gardener? = Can you recommend a gardener to me.你能为我推荐一名园丁吗?I

回答:1)recommend后面如果直接加动词的话,加doing sth.即用于:recommend doing sth 如: I would never recommend using a sunbed on a regular basis. 2)其后也可以+ n./pron + to do sth. 如:Would you recommend me to accept his invitation?您说我该接受邀请吗?


Recommend sb to do指的是需要有时间段的事情 Doing sth主要是现在正在指导的事情..

1..推荐,介绍[(+as/for)][O1]2.建议,劝告[O2][+v-ing][+that]3.使成为可取,使受欢迎[(+to)]His proposal has much to recommend it. 4.付托,托付[(+to)]I recommended my child to her care.

could u recommend which one is more suitable for me?He recommended that we dont go out today because it will rain

不一定,要看具体语境 比如 we recommend john as the candidate of the party 我们推举约翰为党候选人,这里as可以to be代替.但是,意义上就有差别,to be是成为的意思,as却是作为. 再如,can you recommend miss hill as a good typist? 你能推荐希尔小姐说她是个好打字员吗? 显然这里换成to be就说不通了 任何的近义词,都要考虑到它原始最基本的意思 我的意见是:练习题的意见更好,用to be只能说语法上没有错误,但语义就不对了;recommend+名词 和as连用的


recommend后面可以接that从句,加doing do确实没见过望采纳,谢谢!~

在这个句子里,my buying new tyres是一个名词从句,所以recommend(及物动词)在这里的用法是recommend sth.其他人称一样的用法.就像 I am sorry for my being late.=I am sorry for my lateness.

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