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Suddenly the old man fell and died. His children felt very sad

他从大火中救出了一个老人和三个孩子翻译是:He rescued an old man and three children from the fire再看看别人怎么说的.

你好,正确答案是isthere be句型讲究就近原则,前面的是单数,不管后面的是不是,都是is,反之亦然.

quickly! The summer vacation is comming ! Today ,We go to the park with my parents .There are many kids and oldmen playing ! Some oldmen play tai chi, others walk ! some kids play games ,others play skateboards, It is so happy !!

The old and children are all need to take care ofThe old and children are all sick/weak/happy(添一个形容词)如有帮助望采纳

recommended for children six and older专为6岁以上的儿童推荐**************************************************您好,答案已经给出,有什么不懂的地方欢迎回复我!如满意,请及时点击【采纳为满意答案】按钮您的采纳,是我答题的动力***************************************************

Old Man Yu called together his children and grandchildren. "I am going to move Tai-Ying." The family cheered. The youngest stood and asked where the moutain could be moved. Old Man Yu thought for a

您好,很开心为您解答句子翻译是:That old man dislikes living with his children.that old man:那位老人dislike doing sth:不喜欢做某事live with sb:和某人一起生活his children:他的孩子们【英辅】团队为您竭诚解答祝你开心,学习进步希望对您有用望采纳谢谢

小题1:B小题1:C小题1:C小题1:A小题1:B 小题1:理解归纳题,根据文中语句理解可 故选B.小题2:细节理解题,根据文中语句“He untied the string and only found that

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