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一、意思不同1.make it possible意思:使它变成可能2.make possible意思:使其成为可能;使可能;成为可能;使成为可能 二、用法不同1.make it possible用法:基本意思是“可能的”“潜在的”,指某事可能做、可能存在或可能发生,也可

make possible 英[meik psbl]美[mek psbl][释义] 使…变成可能;[网络] 使变成可能; 成为可能; 使变成可能;[例句]The first three encourage you to make possible Web pointers to data, and to maximize the usefulness of the data at those pointers.前三条原则鼓励您尽可能对数据进行Web引用,最大化引用的这些数据的有用性.

make it possible +that + 宾语从句 其中it作为形式宾语至于区别从例句来看:The invention of telegram make possible the transmission of messages to any part of the world within a few second.The invention of telegram make it possible for

要用it做形式宾语才可以make it possible to do sth

正确表达是:【make+sth/doing sth+形容词】或者:【make+形式宾语it+形容词+to do sth】举例:I'll make you happy when you're sad. 在你伤心的时候我会使你高兴起来.举例二:China makes going to the space possible. 中国使去太空成为了

词组 make it possible 有两个常见的用法:句尾:It used to be impossible to buy anything without actually going to a store. Now online shopping makes it possible.句中:The internet makes it possible to shop without actually having to go to a real store.The internet has made it possible for people to communicate instantly.

make it possible 使它变成可能 双语例句1. Today's clever financial instruments make it possible for firms to hedge their risks. 现今各种巧妙的金融手段使得各公司防范风险成为可能.2. Spaceships make it possible to travel to the moon. 宇宙飞船

make it possible.

make是一个使动词,后面接动词的原形,也可以接adj(形容词),这个地方possible就是adj,是一种惯用的语法结构,所以就不要加be动词了.但是,后者的表述从语法上讲也是正确的,但是在句意上是有重复的,就是说,make有使成为的意思,be也是称为的意思,所以要用make it possible.但愿帮助到你了!

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