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happiness ['hpinis] n. 幸福

happiness [hpinis] DJ 英式 [hpns] KK 美式

英语国际音标: ['hp] ['krsms]

happy ['hpi]


happiness ['hpinis]

Sometimes you got be bold, just rock the worldBooya!Lalalalalallalal(happness)Lalalalalalalalal(are you happy hun?)古敏 嫩 throw uo xxxx怒gi嫩 change uphin么 内聊go 一接 wind up喊 棒没 莫近 一里 卡度 straight u那 没一 拖 style upkibun up 对嫩

happiness 英['hpns] 美[hpns] n. 幸福; 高兴; 恰当; 合适; [例句]The happiness and the excitement had been drained completely from her voice.幸福和激动已经完全从她的声音中消失了.

It seemed that happiness was very simple 音标是:/t simd t 'hpns wz 'ver 'smp()l / 看来幸福很简单.

幸福,happiness. 英 ['hpns] 美 ['hpns]

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