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They get a GOAL in the footmall match.

goal 英[g l] 美[go l] n. 球门; 目标,目的; 终点; 得分; 造句: his skill was superb and he quickly scored the goal 他技艺高超,很快就进球得分了

Now that you've set your mind on the goal, you must go through with the task. 既然认定了目标, 就要坚持不懈地干下去. That is the goal we must set ourselves. 这是我们必须订下的目标.Gillespie's goal set the scene for an exciting second half. 吉莱斯皮的进球为下半场的精彩比赛铺平了道路.

The goat is to finish the task in time.目标就是按时完成任务如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】祝学习进步

I went all out for learning my english well. 我竭力把英语学好!

你好!set up a goal achieve a goal 打字不易,采纳哦!

how could he have missed scoring that goal?意思是,他怎么会丢了那个球呢?保证对,望楼主采纳*^_^*(>_

gradual consistent prograss造句 如下:the gradual and consistent progress has far-reaching implications.渐进一致的进展影响深远.

你好teammate是队友的意思例 I have a teammate.(我有一个队友)These(Those) are my teammates.(这些/那些 是我的队友们)希望对你有帮助

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