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1.在for fear that, in case, lest引导的从句中,若用虚拟语气时,从句谓语为:should + 动词原形.并且 should不能省略 she examined the door again for fear that a thief should come in. 她又把门检查了一遍,以防盗贼的进入. he started out earlier


1、for fear that +主语+ should +动词原形2、for fear that I (should) disturb you句中的should可以省去.for fear that 读音:英 [f(r) f(r) t] 美 [fr fr t] 释义:因为害怕.语法:意为“以免,唯恐”.常用于引导目的状语从句表示否

fear for后面一般接的是对象;fear of 则是后怕的东西,名词;fear that 后街一个从句.

for fear of/that 表示“由于害怕;惟恐,以免”of后接动名词,that后接从句用虚拟语气 Put on a coat for fear of catching a cold. 穿上外衣以免感冒. The weather in London is so changable that people always bring their umbrella with them for fear of

for fear that(生怕,唯恐)引导的目的状语从句中,用“should+动词原形 其谓语部分 for fear that(生怕,唯恐)引导的目的状语从句中,用“should+动词原形 其谓语should可以省略.例如: Keep quiet in case you(should)interrupt him when he

这是一个虚拟语气句型.由连接词in case, so that ,unless, lest ,for fear that引起的状语从句中,谓语动词要用虚拟形式,即should(might, would)+动词原形.She put a blanket over the baby for fear that he should catch cold. 她在那个婴儿身上盖上了毯子以免他着凉.

答案是a lest后面一定要用should for fear that后面要用may/might 而in case后面则加subject+verb+object

for fear that 是指以防万一,从句中的内容是不想出现的内容,而in case that 只是在某种情况下,没有感情色彩

不是,for fear that 后面用should do 不表示虚拟,表示情绪;for fear that 后面也可以不用情态动词,表示事实.They burned all the important documents for fear that they fall into the enemy's hands.(目的状语从句)他们将所有的重要文件都烧毁了,以免它们落于敌人之手.

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