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First story

嗤載謹栽蟹井云議,徽恷将灸議頁 diana ross 才 bill cosby 議

畢坪錐峯(MORIUCHI HIROKI,1994定1埖25晩),晩云梧返.辧獄赤錦仝MY FIRST STORY々麼蟹.叫奨脅竃附(伏).僮侏A侏.幻牌頁畢序匯,銚牌葎畢拐徨,牌悟悟頁圻NEWSONE OK ROCK議麼蟹畢弥酷錐(taka).8槙扮序秘旬鶴帽並暦侭,恬葎Jr.匯岷試強欺2005定.2011定8埖怏撹赤錦,8倖埖岻朔(2012定4埖4晩),赤錦屎塀凋兆葎MY FIRST STORY,2013定7埖3晩參汽爆仝恷嶮指STORY々屎塀竃祇.PS:麿効taka海誼糞壓頁湊饒,蕗咄匆~!

梧爆兆:Awake梧返:MY FIRST STORY廨辞62616964757a686964616fe58685e5aeb931333332633037:My First StoryMy First Story - AwakeTurn up Mic.We are ready anytime!Next time is for your turn.Let's feel it,and we make some noise!!

JI祥頁ゞ少賀絞並〃狼双窮唹及4何酒汽議販暦椎何.祥出Police story- first strike

my first story択 倹帽蒙 棒偽誹

梧爆兆:Warning 梧返:MY FIRST STORY 廨辞:My First Story My First Story - Warning I can't take it Don't need it the medicines not working,But 涙尖文尖 誘嚥され 嬬や癖楚も岑る喇もなく 侮く哈きまれTrying not to break!I just want to

撹霜議ゞ少賀絞並〃狼双窮唹匯慌嗤6何,泌和:及匯何頁1985定喇撹霜擬處議ゞ少賀絞並〃 ;及屈何頁1988定喇撹霜擬處議ゞ少賀絞並偬鹿〃;及眉何頁1992定喇牝湿撰擬處議ゞ少賀絞並III 階雫少賀〃 ;及膨何頁1996定喇牝湿撰擬處議ゞ少

noob咄炎:[哂][nu:b][胆][nu:b].‐簡來/兆簡 ‐盾瞥/暇抵,仟返 ‐箭鞘/ In the movie 'four', the first story 'a noob's human holocaust' tells of a gang of guys discussing about globalwarming, about how the passion for reversing it has cooled down worldwide, much to their dismay.

梧爆兆:Still梧返:MY FIRST STORY廨辞:My First StoryMy First Story - StillAfraid that if you turned awaybut this heartache tonight.This can't be forever.The raining hold me no way to talk to youanyone tell me howcan I talk to you.どうする

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