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financially[英][f'nnl][美][fannl]adv.财政上,金融上,经济上; 例句:1.The loss of market share has weakened nokia financially. 市场份额的丧失削弱了诺基亚的财务实力.2.Families become drained both emotionally and financially. 孤独症家庭在情感上和财政上都被榨干了.

financially 英[f'nnl] 美[fannl] adv. 财政上,金融上,经济上 [例句]Families become drained both emotionally and financially.孤独症家庭在情感上和财政上都被榨干了.2.This was back in 2000 when the company was

worthwhile是值得的意思,指花时间去做某事是值得的!比如说:It is worthwhile visiting the museum或(to visit the museum)参观这个博物馆是值得的.但不能说:The museum is worthwhile visiting.

by financially由财务;根据财政(by后面应该跟名词或代词,而financially是副词)

struggle financially财政困难Most people cannot tell why they struggle financially because they don't understand cash flow.大多数人不明白为什么他们会身处财务困境,因为他们不明白现金流.

你好!Person financially responsible是私人负责财务的意思..什么填什么啊..我的回答你还满意吗~~

financially secure财务安全性

高度激励,强烈的动机例句A highly motivated child can learn almost anything.一个高积极性的孩子几乎可以学会任何事情.If the employees are highly motivated, they will work productively.如果一个员工被很好的激励,那么他就可以工作的很有效

2.Of course, choosing or creating the right kind of work is not limited to those who are financially independentfinancially independent经济上的独立双语对照例句:1.Why not just stay financially independent of both your major search partners? 为何不与两大搜索合作伙伴保持财务独立. 当然

adj 兴旺的、繁荣的、有利的、茂盛的、茁壮生长的…

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