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everything 英 [ˈevriθɪŋ] 美 [ˈɛvriˌθɪŋ] pron. 每件事物; 最重要的东西; (有关的) 一切; 万事; [例句]He'd gone to Seattle long after everything else in his life had changed 他生活中的其他一...

“每件事所有事物”翻译为everything,读音:英 [ˈevriθɪŋ] 美 [ˈɛvriˌθɪŋ] 单词分析: everything pron.每件事物;最重要的东西;(有关的)一切;万事 例句: 1、I love this house and everything in it....

At this moment, everything has come to an end. 这一时刻,每件事都结束了。。。 It's all over now. 现在全部都结束了。。。(意思是那些都是以前的事了) 如果现在要跟别人说结束。。直接用 That's it...We are done. 就这样。我们结束了。。

evrɪθɪŋ 这是音标

一切都进行得很顺利 Everything went well. 双语例句 1. Don't always try to start something when everything is running smoothly. 当一切都进行得很顺利时,不要总想惹是生非. 2. In spite of one or two minor mishaps everything was going...

这句话有很多种表达方法: every coin has two sides everything has two sides. every thing has two handles 还有一种是: be a two edged sword,比如: Computer can be a two-edged sword.

我不想吃任何东西。 I do not want to eat () 答案:anything 解析:everything一般用在肯定句

回答和翻译如下 : 一切从零开始 。 Everything starts from scratch .

挑刺儿 [词典] [方] find fault; be captious; pick holes; [例句]她对每一件事、每一个人都要挑刺儿。 She finds fault with everything and everybody. 他就爱挑刺儿。 He's always finding fault with people. 我不要你成天给我挑刺儿。 I do...


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