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Enjoy onEsElF造句

One can't enjoy oneself if he is too tired.一个人如果太疲倦,就不能尽情享受.You said one should enjoy oneself at the party!你说过,应该享受派对的乐趣.They are enioying thenselves in the match.他们很享受比赛 望采纳

enjoy oneself:过得快乐, 玩得高兴(如果你一开始不懂,可以先直接翻译:享受你自己)例句: I hope you can enjoy yourself..(等学得多了,将can 换成would更好) 译: 我希望你能玩的开心祝你学习愉快!

I enjoy myself on my holiday.I wish you enjoy yourself.

I am going to go out.I enjoy myself in the party today.

She enjoyed herself making the assistant bring almost everything in the window before finally buying the dress she had first asked for.

We enjoy ourselves.我们玩的开心

enjoy oneself=have a good time= have fun= play happily,意思是玩得开心 如: they enjoyed themselves at kate's birthday party yesterday.昨天他们在kate的生日聚会上玩得很开心.

enjoy oneself 是玩的愉快的意思例如:enjoy yourself:希望你自己玩的愉快. enjoy themselves: 希望他们玩的愉快.句子:Pls. enjoy yourself in the game.

I will enjoy myself at the party tonight.我会在今晚在聚会上玩得开心的.

when you stay at home alone,you must take care of youself well.

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