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deficienciesn.缺乏( deficiency的名词复数 ); 不足; 缺点; 缺陷; 例句:1.Fixing micro-nutrient deficiencies is cheap. 解决微量元素缺乏是比较便宜的.2.The sources of intelligence oversight deficiencies go deeper. 情报监管缺陷的源头则要更深一层

calcium vitamin d的中文翻译 calcium vitamin d 钙维生素D 双语例句 1 Also, can promote intestinal tract absorption calcium Vitamin D to be insufficient. 还有,能促进肠道吸收钙的维生素D不足. 2 That being said there is caution to those on a



用法不对!(1) flaw 瑕疵=可数名词= (a) "Almost all these studies have serious flaws.[ 同义字:defects ] "复数(b) The only flaw in his character is a short temper.单数(2) deficiency/deficiencies不足/欠缺=可数名词=

我认为我认为Nowadays, students in some countries who have graduated from high (AFTER HIGH SCHOOL CAN) have its (DEFICIENCIES). (HOWEVER, DESPITE THIS

deficiency 英[d'fns] 美[dfnsi] n. 缺乏,不足;缺点,缺陷;不足额


insufficiency:a)The quality or state of being insufficient, especially:缺乏:不足的性质或状态,特别是 b)Moral or mental incompetence.道德或精神上的不胜任 c))Inadequate supply:供给不足:an insufficiency of funds.资金缺乏 d)Inability of a

是可数名词:缺乏, 不足, 短缺缺陷不足额; 亏空量a deficiency of protein蛋白质不足deficiency disease亏损病, 维生素(等)缺乏病习惯用语 make good a deficiency 补足亏空 make up for a deficiency 补足亏空

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