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ComE to什么意思中文

come to1. 共计The bill came to $20. 帐单共计二十美元. 2. 涉及When it comes to German, I know nothing.谈到德语,我一窍不通. 3. 苏醒过来When she came to, she could not, for a moment, recognize the surroundings.谈到德语,我一窍不通.4. 被继承The house came to him when his parents passed away.父母过世后,房子就归他了5. 达成They have come to a decision.6. 停住;下锚

come to意思是达到;总计为;终于;结果是;苏醒(过来);把船朝着风头;停泊;继承(财产); (马, 牛群等)迅速向左转.My people come to work and I get them all revved up. 我的手下都来工作了,而且我让他们都做好了准备.相关短

come to ①苏醒 ②总数为,结果是 ③涉及,谈判 望采纳,谢谢

意思是“我还是不明白”,come to是强调的意思


come to 来;变的

come to 译为 涉及, 谈到.

开始,兴盛的意思 e.g;It came on to rain soon after midnight. 午夜之后不久就开始下雨了. come on to / come on to sb/sth to start talking about a new subject I'll come on to this question in a few moments. 非正式if someone comes on to another



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