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ComE right out

come right out 表示径直,直接的意思.前面说不用一些模糊的借口,所以他很直白的表达自己的观点……

come right out 她直接走出的意思祝学习进步,天天快乐!


“come out”的三种意思分别是:出现;显露;出版 come out读音:英 [km at] 2113 美 [km at] 释义:vi. 出现;显露5261;出版 用法:基本的意思是“出现;显露;出版”,在此基础上引申出多种意思,并可与许多动词搭4102配使

Turn out: a ) to stop (a light, heating apparatus, etc b) to come out or gather as for a meeting public event ,etc. Crowds turned out for the procession. C) produce: The factory can turn out a hundred cars a day. E)[ +to +V ] to happen to be in the end.

出来 emerge from a place He got a three year sentence,but he may come out early. 他被判处三年徒刑,但也可能提前释放. 到边远或无人的地区来 come to a remote or unsettled area His grandparents came out here in the 20s'. 他的祖父母

都是出版,不过如果书是主语,come out是主动,put out是被动. 比如 the book came out last year. the book was put out last year.

come out英 [km aut] 美 [km at] 出来;出现;出版;出狱


come out是照片的冲洗;鲜花的开放;图书的出版;(工作)解决;想出,提出(办法) put out 熄灭 扑灭 我英语老师教的

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