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有.意思是:与 合作, 与 勾结例句:1、He constructed a theory in collaboration with his colleagues.他与同事合作创立了一种学说.2、In collaboration with partners to run a company.与他的同伴合作,开一家公司.3、They worked in collaboration with each other.他们相互合作/勾结

get/be bored with 表示的是: 对某事厌烦 是由主动形式(bore sb. with sth.)而演化而来的被动形容形式 其他的用法有:bored stiff bored to tears bored to death bored out of your mind 它们的意思都是 (=extremely bored) 烦透了,厌烦至极 sb

observe on〔upon〕(v.+prep.) 谈论,评论 observe the behaviour of birds 观察鸟类行为 observe the customs 遵守风俗 observe the discipline 遵守纪律 observe sb's instructions 听从某人的指示 observe the laws 遵守法律 observe the rules 遵守规

你好!team work 打字不易,采纳哦!

push off 出发,启程:离开;离去 push on 继续前进:沿着某人的路继续或前进 push ahead 继续进行(或推行)行动路线(或政策) push along 离开,离去;起程 push one's luck 自以为会继续成功(或受宠)

require短语 It requires that 有的必要 require sth. of sb. 对某人有的要求 require sb. to do sth 要求某人做某事 require 用法 及物动词,意思是</FONT>"需求,要求".如: This job requires a clear head . 1) require 后的宾语从句用 should 型

push around v.把推来推去,摆布 push back v. 向后推,吞下 push button n. 按钮 push on v.推动,推进,努力向前 push through 设法通过;挤过,穿过 push up 抬高,增加,提高 push broom 推式路帚 push down 按 push-down list 后进先出表

all的短语:1. all up : 无望;2. all but : 几乎;3. all there : 头脑清醒;4. at all : 根本, 完全;5. for all : 尽管, 虽然;6. all in all : 总而言之;7. all that : 那么;8. all and singular : 全部, 一律;9. all of : 实足;10. for all I care : 与我

pull together齐心协力; pull off脱 (帽、衣) ,pull out拔出,抽出, (车、船) 驶出 ,pull down拆毁,拉倒,拉下,降低 ,pull up(使) 停下 ,pull in(车)停下,进站,船 (到岸) ,pull on穿,戴 ,pull into 进入;到达 ,pull throughv. 度过

In the direction of在的领导下 under the direction of说明

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