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I`m likely to be your husband.

你好,可翻译为:I am likely to become your husband.满意速速采纳,谢谢合作!

likely一般作形容用,可以是sb./sth. be likely to do sth., 当然likely也可以作为副词,后面可以加动词,但用得少.所以语言的学习过程当中,还是要注意它的词性、意思、用法以及具体的语境.(精锐教育老师)

你好!Many jobs are likely to be lost.He is not likely to be elected.She turns her back to her boyfriend.我的回答你还满意吗~~

1 There is a football behind the door.2 There are two cats under the table.3 There is some water in the glass.4 There are two caps on the bed.5 There is a bag on the chair.

你好!The park is modelled after an ancient one.Tom is likely to come this weekend.Don,t get close to the burning house.仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

He's likely to go abroad.他很有可能出国.It's likely that he will go abroad.他很有可能出国

一、there is造句 1、There is a football behind the door. 在门后面有一个足球. 2、There is some water in the glass. 有一些水在杯子里. 3、There is a bag on the chair. 有一个包在椅子上. 4、There is a flower in the bottle. 瓶里有一朵花. 5、

是形容词短语.BE LIKELY TO DO STH.很可能做某事..

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