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AppEAlto 怎么用啊

1.appeal to sb/sth against sth上诉,申诉.eg.The company is appealing against the ruling.公司正对判决提出申诉.2.appeal to sb对……有吸引力,有感染力 eg.The design apples to all ages.这种设计吸引了各个年龄的人.3.appeal to sb for sth呼吁,恳求 eg.The leader appealed to people for calm.领导呼吁人们要冷静.

appeal to1.ask for a reconsidered judgement上诉he appealed to the supreme court.他向最高法院上诉.2.attract;seem good to有感染力;有吸引力does this piece of music appeal to you?你喜欢这首乐曲吗?your argument appeals to us.你的论点

你好,是对的句型 appeal to sb to do sth意思是呼吁某人做zhidao某事 appeal to 本来的意思是对某物有吸引力专 这里appeal 一词多义( 向…投诉;向…呼吁;对…有吸引力)appeal to表某事物具有吸引力时是动词,例:the idea of working abroad really appeals to me(去国外工作这个属想法对我很有吸引力)固定搭配中的appeal to sb to do sth,例:an appeal to the army to not use too much force(呼吁军队不要滥用武力) 希望对你有帮助

appealvt.1. 【法律】将…上诉;将…移交上级法院审理:例句: to appeal a case to a higher tribunal把案件向高一级法院上诉2. [废语](在法庭上)控诉,控告,指控vi.1. 【法律】上诉,申诉;移交上级法院审理:例句: to appeal against the

这里应填 that appealed to the tourists who came联系上下文,吸引来到巴西的游客的美景

appeal to1. 诉诸;求助于:例句: We appealed to reason to win our argument.我们靠诉诸于理性赢得了辩论.2. 请求;要求;呼吁:例句: The company is appealing to everyone to save power and water.公司正呼吁大家节约水电.3. 向…上诉:例句: to appeal to a higher court 向上一级法院上诉4. 有吸引力,有感染力;引起…好感;(某人)认为好:例句: He doesn't appeal to her.她并不喜欢他.

appeal to v. 呼吁;上诉;要求;对…有吸引力1.诉诸;求助于:we appealed to reason to win our argument.我们靠诉诸于理性赢得了辩论.2.请求;要求;呼吁:the company is appealing to everyone to save power and water.公司正呼吁大家节约水电.3.向…上诉:to appeal to a higher court向上一级法院上诉4.有吸引力,有感染力;引起…好感;(某人)认为好:he doesn't appeal to her.她并不喜欢他.

call on sb to do sthHe will appeal us tomorrow.Society appeals to people's preventing the cloning experiment which is being carried on by scientists.

其具体用法可以概括为:1.appeal to sb/sth against sth上诉,申诉.eg.the company is appealing against the ruling. 公司正对判决提出申诉.2.appeal to sb对……有吸引力,有感染力 eg.this game appeals to all ages. 这种设计吸引了各个年龄的人.3.appeal to sb for sth呼吁,恳求

appeal to 是 吸引某人的意思 appeal for + sth表达恳求获得某物的意思 求采纳么么哒

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