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One night Mr Lee was driving his wife home from work. She was a nurse in a hospital. It was almost midnight and she was quite tired out. She soon fell asleep. Mr Lee looked at her and smiled. Mr Lee was a careful and experienced driver. He knew


The filthiness of accidents, is not the mental and physical damages that they exert on human beings, since accidents are fortuitous and inevitable, hard to be predicted or avoided. However, the reflections of human nature's evil side, that of

vendetta, fire homegate grudges, won the book of Wumu ", army expedition rate; bearing dead mother's religion, on the Huashan Mountain, save Xiangyang national calamity, the question of Genghis Khan (an) what is meant by hero. This simple

A Car Accident Last night I saw a car hit a tree accident. Arup tree fell It was the tree loaded before the body is broken, I think the car owner may be drink driving. Let us cherish life, refused alcohol now! ! !

3 of life is high tension,the high end of the three seems to have fought a battle,admitted on the winning,not admitted to a few lost.I live on high 3 the impression that excited,happy,hard.Seize the t

An Accident One sunny afternoon, when I was merrily riding home, I heard "Help! Help!". I rode to the riverside and found a boy of about five in the river struggling. I jumped into the water, swam to the boy and dragged him to the river bank. The

To be a sanitation worker can never be considered as a decent job in people's eyes,especially in China.A story of Sanmao,a Taiwanese author,described that she wanted to be a garbabge collector and she wrote this in her homework in her


I was on my home to school yesterday. Suddenly I saw a boy riding a bike past me quickly. He run so fast that he hit a bike at the corning. They both fell on the ground. Luckily they didn't hurt badly. And they didn't quarel. I though we should pay more attention to our safety. We shouldn't rode too fast.

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