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MJ 唱的youArEnotAlonE整首歌的中文意思

YouAreNotAlone永远相伴 Anotherdayhasgone又一日过往 I'mstillallalone我依然孤单 Howcouldthisbe怎会如此?You'renotherewithme你不在我的身边 Youneversaidgoodbye你从不说再见 Someonetellmewhy谁能告诉我因缘 Didyouhavetogo你真得

You Are Not Alone 永远相伴 Another day has gone 又一日过往 I'm still all alone 我依然孤单 How could this be 怎会如此? You're not here with me 你不在我的身边 You never

You Are Not Alone 中文名称:你不会孤单. 这里有,可以试听:

AnotherdayhasgoneI'mstillallaloneHowcouldthisbeYou' youThoughyou'refarawayIamheretostayForyouarenotaloneForIamherewithyouThoughwe'ref :Michael :Stefanie.

你并不孤单 我在这里和你在一起 虽然我们之间的距离很远 但是你总在我心里you are not alone. I am here with you. Though we are far apart, you are always in my heart.

Another day has gone 又是一天过去了 I'm still all alone 我却依然孤单 How could this be 为什么会是这样? You're not here with me 你竟不在我身边 You never said goodbye 你从未说过再见 Someone tell me why 有些人告诉过我原因 Did you have

you are not alone 中文意思是:你并不孤单也可以读作:You are not aloneYOU ARE NOT ALONE你并不孤单;你不孤单;你并不孤独;你不会孤单;你不孤独you英 [ju] 美 [j] pron.你;大家;你们,您们;各位复数: yousalone英 [ln] 美 [lon] adj.单独的;独一无二的;独自的adv.单独地;独自地;孤独地;只,只有比较级: aloneer 最高级: aloneest

如果不是迈迷,那就推荐给你:1,Whatever Happens2,One More Chance3,stranger in Moscow另外多说几首:1,Butterflies2,For All Time3,I Just Can't Stop Loving You4,I'll Be There5,Speechless排名不分先后.


humans are not alone人类并不孤单Even those who live alone are not necessarily solitary. 甚至那些独自居住的人也不尽是单身

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