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The second time to Hong Kong, and I feel even more excited!

1. I rarely go to the movies.2. I have a good diet, I eat lots of fruits and vegetables.3. I have a bad cold.4. I have severe headaches.5. I plan to Harbin this winter to ski.6. Thank


Dad's love is the mountain, while mom's love is like water. The most important thing in my life is my 10th birthday. Dad came back home from thousands of miles away to

How long haven't seen youThink you thereIt lives in my heartWith my breathHow far awayThink of your breath to smellWho knows you back so longJust to see youOver the past to let it passlateStart to like youBaiyun clinging to the blue skyifCan't


一次一个孩子即将诞生.于是这个孩子在出去前询问上帝:“他们说你在明天讲把我送往人间.但我是如此的无助和弱小,去那里该怎么生存呢?” 上帝回答到:我为你在众多天使中挑选了一位.她将会等你并且照顾好你的. 但这个孩子似乎

The letter which thank you's tell the truth is Chinese, I certainly like to learn Chinese language, speak of music me to like a rock'n roll and popular style of music be like the moxa Wei son cloth orchid Ni me to compare to like better and also have food

英文翻译:Perhaps when a boy as a male whenWe did not know how he changesPerhaps before he is a mischievous and a nuisance "bandits" |But when they grow up, hePerhaps this is the very eyes of those who care about their so-called face-

The history of ice cream is already very long, oh!Ice cream originated in China long time ago.Ice cream ice cream was not called.I like to eat ice cream, ice cream in because I heard the happy atmosphere.Strawberry Ice Cream Strawberry is red, but

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