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The economic increases rapidly these years

用rapidly造最简单的句子 In recent years, people's living standard has improved rapidly.近年来,人们的生活水平迅速地提高.The population of the world has increased rapidly during the last century.世界人口在过去的一个世纪迅速地增加.很希望会对你有帮助.

简单来说呢 tired指的是人感到怎摸样 he feel tired tiring是指物令人怎摸样 the trip is tiring 其他一类词也是这种用法 excited/exciting 有时候表示表情一定用ed形式 哪里不懂,可以继续追问哦

We decided on the action yesterday.

Ghost faced bats are widely spread in the New World, from the southern US toPeru. 鬼脸蝠广泛分布在从美国南部到秘鲁的新大陆中.The news is widely spread by them这一消息被他们广为传播. Treatment of the subject is widely spread对这个主题的处理态度具有普遍性意义. 求采纳~~~

These films are suitable for adults only.这些电影只适宜成人观看.All the students are assigned to suitable jobs.所有的学生都分到了合适的工作.

The machine developed the same fault again. 这台机器有出现了同样的毛病. The first towns could develop. 最早的城镇The city is developing rapidly and property in the center is becoming more expensive. 这个城市在飞速发展,市中心的房地产价格越来越贵.得以发展. The town has been designated a development area.该城市已被定为开发区.

afford造句如下:No one can afford the loss to start the World War III.没有任何国家能够承受发动第三次世界大战造成的损失.afford [英][f:d][美][f:rd] vt.买得起; 担负得起; 提供; 给予; 例句:Global investors cannot afford to ignore cnooc. 全球投资者承受不起忽略中海油的代价.

Be careful when crossing the road. 过马路时应该小心 You can't be too careful! 无论怎样小心也不会过分! You should be careful of the traffic.你应该小心交通事故 The more careful you are , the better result you will get.你做事越小心,对你以后的结果越好 Be careful about the precision of detail in your descriptions. 在你的描述中,必须认真地考虑细节的精确度. 望采纳

简单点说吧 1.fastly 多指速度上的快 例如 go fastly 一般用fast(fastly也可以) 因为fast既有adj 又有adv 词性 2.quickly 多指时间上的快 例如 quickly! 快点 3.repidly 我不认识 词典上也没有 是不是打错了啊?

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