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I need a piece of bread. He bought two pieces of butter yesterday.

a piece of [英][ pi:s v][美][e pis v] 一块; 一片; 一张; 一件 例句:a piece of driftwood which he used as a paddle 他用作桨使的一块浮木 can i be replaced by a piece of software?我会不会被一个软件取而代之?

aper是不可数名词,前面不能直接用不定冠词,一定要说“一张纸”必须说:a piece of paper

回到某块return to some pieceThe butterflies always return to the same small piece of forest. 蝴蝶总是回到同一小片森林.

a piece of papera piece of breada piece of cakepiece+不可数名词

divide1.You can divide this between you. 这个你们可以两人平分.2.Divide the cake with your brother. 和你兄弟分吃这块饼.piece1.How do you finger this piece? 你是如何弹奏这篇作品的?just nowI don't have that much money on me just now. 现在我身边没那么多钱.

there are a piece of cake

可以的.piece后面还可以跟不可数名词,比如说一则新闻,a piece of news. 一份工作,a piece of work.希望能帮到你~

1、computer science ) the code that identifies a piece of information is stored .(计算机科学上)识别信息储存地址的代码. 2、A piece of information with funny titles and pictures , accompanied with music or flickering flashes is much more

neus是什么?I have a piece of paperpiece+不可数名词

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