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用learn造句we learn english in school

learned的造句learned英[ˈlɜ:nɪd] 美[ˈlɜ:rnɪd] adj.有学问的; 博学的; 学术上的;

i learned that 造句I learned that he had passed the exam. 我得知他通过考试了。

用learnthat造句You may be surprised to learn that the answer is yes.你可能会很惊讶,答案是合适.You

learn哪两种用法并造句?~ (sth) (from sb/sth) 学;学习;学到;学会 I learned a lot from my father. 我从父亲那里学到了许多东西 ~

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用learned to do造句回答:答案是:learne to do sth 意思是学会做某事,we learned to sing English song last week ~手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢

造句四大时态用learned Chinese,sang and danced,ate good回答:i learned chinese i sang and danced i ate good food i took pictuies i climbed a mountain 如有帮助,望楼主采纳

英语造句越简单越好.learnabout…from…l learned about animals from my parents today. 作业帮用户 2017-10-14 举报 查看更多答案

用it、learned、art、in、an、school、She造句?回答:She learned it in an art school. 求采纳 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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