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用hAvE Floor 造句

i mop the floor everyday.

(主谓宾简单句)You have cancer 你有癌症 (特殊疑问句)what kind of pen do you have?你有什么品种的笔? (一般疑问句)Do you have any apples?你有一些苹果吗? 任君选择

you have to sweep the floor.只要根据you have to do sth造句就行了.祝你顺利

你只需要分清has和have的区别,就能很快的解决这个问题了,has是第三人称是用的,have是第一和第二人称时用的 eg. 1. we were having breakfast. 我们正在吃早餐. 2. have you got a pencil? 你有铅笔吗? 3. he has eaten a whole box of chocolates. 他吃了一整盒巧克力. 4. he has no friend other than you. 他除你之外就没有别的朋友了. 5. listening to the music has a calming influence on her. 听音乐对她起了一种镇静的作用.

I had fine sport with my new skates .我穿着新冰鞋溜冰玩得痛快极了.I have heard that he has been married before ..我听说他过去结过婚.He wondered if he had been dreaming .他不晓得自己是不是做了一场梦.Winston had finished his bread

I have to stay in a hotel because I left my keys at home. 因为我把钥匙落在家里了,所以我不得不呆在酒店里面.

usually The best information about hotels usually comes from friends and acquaintances who havebeen there 关于酒店的最可靠信息通常来自曾经去过那里的朋友和熟人.She felt more than usually hungry after her excursion 远足后,她比平时感觉更饿.

用have the pleasure of doing some thing造句We have the pleasure of boating in the lake.

1. " Oh, let's have fun,'she begged him. " It's too hot to fuss. " “ 哦, 咱们高高兴兴地玩吧, ” 她央求他, “ 天太热了,别闹吧. ”2. You will have fun reading about the world we live in. 你会通过阅读来了解我们所生活的世界的.3. Until the

You have done what you could That is what we have done We have finished the homework.What he has said makes me angry.She has lost the chance It has been 3 years since we met last time. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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