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用gEt out oF造句简单

他有很多意思 离开; 下 The meeting went on late and he wanted to get out of it soon.会开得太晚了, 他想早点离开.停止; 改掉; 戒掉; 脱离, 摆脱, 克服; 避免做某事 It is not easy to get out of a bad habit.改掉坏习惯是不容易的.He has

Please get out of the door 从这门滚出去.

i told you to get out of here.he got out of the building immediately.

get out (become known) i don't want it to get out that i'm leaving before i've had a chance to tell anthony.get out (visit places) we don't get out much since we had the children.

get out of 意思是逃避,这个意思是逃避某事.造句:1. 逃避 I couldn't get out of going to that wedding.我不能逃避出席婚礼.2. 弃绝 He got out of the bad habit.他改掉了这个坏习惯.3. 使说出 The police got the truth out of him.警察迫使他说出真相.

The man`s baggage was robbed just when he got out of the taxi.

He can't get out of a very dangerous situation. He is too young to be in control of a big group.

you should get out !

get out of the shower走出淋浴间get out of 从中走出来get out 出来

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