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用“nExt to”怎么造句?

1. The two shops are next to each other.释义:那两家铺子紧挨着.2. Kneels next to her.释义:在她身旁跪下.3. It Is God, choosing what next to create. 释义:它是上帝选择接下来要创造什么.4. "Then you should sit next to her, " said the king.

He placed his chair next to mine.他把椅子放在我的旁边.* I don't like wool next to my skin.我不喜欢把毛衣贴身穿

The cinema locates next to the hospital. 电影院在医院的附近

Who is next to Jim?Mary is next to Jim.谁挨着吉姆?玛丽挨着吉姆.

next to靠近,挨近

near是附近地方next to是毗邻的两个地方near比next to范围更大一点

along in front of next to opposite

He placed his chair next to mine.She has eaten next to nothing.I am next to Mike. Some people do next to nothing and earns a lot. This is by no means a good way to solve the problem.By no means can you smoke here.His judgment in this matter

next to 是短语介词 不能单独存在,后面必须有介词宾语,一同构成介词短语.该介词短语一般是表示方位的,可以在句子中作状语表语定语等.

用next to 或in front of 填空 1.The car is ( )the bus. 2.The bike is ( )the house. 正确答案 front of to 不知为什么?请翻译中文 个人认为:对这两个题来说,这两个介词词组可以互换使用 .

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