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消费水平很高 High level of consumption注:consumption 英 [knsmpn] 美 [knsmpn] n. 消费; 肺病; 耗尽; [医学] 消耗性疾病; [例句]The laws have led to a reduction in fuel consumption in the US..这些法律已经使美国燃料消费量有所减少.

consumptive levelstandards of consumptionconsumption levellevel of consumptionl例如people's level of consumption is much higher that their level of income here 这里人的消费水平比他们的收入水平要高出很多

level of consumption或者consumption level

The consumption of Beijing is much higher than Guangzhou.消费:consumption消费水平:consumption/consumption level希望能搞帮到你并及时采纳.谢谢.

consumption level或者standards of consumption

生活消费高 = High consumption for live

hua fei gao

一般来说法国是一个消费很高的地方 英文:Generally speaking, France is a very high consumption place.

spring festival is the most important festival in china .it's to celebrate the lunar calendar's new year .in the evening before the spring festival ,families get together and have a big meal .in many places people like to set off firecrackers .dumplings

high consumption;high level of consumption

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