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loving you ?是这首?

【SOSO音乐劲爆更新】 小样!别跑~推荐的听歌网站 ˇWWW.MP3.SOSO.COMˇ 楼主你好!!只选对的,不选多的,本人自己觉得最好听的歌,楼主一定要听听啊! (以下的超好听,小样!别跑~ 推荐您先听) 朴尚民-不要哭 受了点

歌曲:Always On Time 歌手:Ja Rule (Ashanti) [Ja talking] Always there when you call [Buckshots, hah], always on time Gave you be mine Always there when you call, always on time Gave you (Chorus - Ashanti) Baby, I'm not

是不是孙燕姿的《venus 》 goddess on the mountain topburning like a silver flamethe summit of beauty and loveand venus was her nameshe's got it?yeah, baby, she's got iti'm your venus, i'm your fireat your desirewell, i'm your venus, i'm your fireat

是这一首吗?Baby I Love You 歌手:Jennifer Lopez 专辑:This Is MeThen Jennifer Lopez - Baby I Love YouBoy, I never knew I could feelThe way I felt, when I felt the wayYou were feeling me babyI'm so out of control, yeahEverytime you look my

【SOSO音乐劲爆更新】 BoO BOom 推荐的听歌网站 ˇWWW.MP3.SOSO.COMˇ 楼主你好!!只选对的,不选多的,本人自己觉得最好听的歌,楼主一定要听听啊! (以下的超好听BoO BOom 推荐您先听) BoO BOom 推荐好听的英文

kylie minogue凯丽米洛 can't get you out of my head 楼主听听看是不是你要的曲目

Cry on my shoulder If the hero never comes to you If you need someone you"re feeling blue If you"re away from love and you"re alone If you call your friends and nobody"s home You can run away but you can"t hide Through a storm and through

bob dylan的越战歌曲,blowing in the wind. 片中是由演员joan baez翻唱的. 歌词及翻译. Blowing in the Wind 随风飘逝 How many roads must a man walk down 一个男人要走过多少路, Before you 1)call him a man 才可以称之为好汉? How

绝对是这一首《Autumn Goodbye》-Britney Spears歌词:Chorus: (合唱) I never promised you a happy ending 我从未向你承诺快乐的结局 You never said you wouldn't make me cry 你从未提起不会让我哭泣 but summer love will keep us warm

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