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求助,英语造句,根据下列句式来造句(附中文意思)。 1.hopE to Do sth. 2.

hopevt., vi.hoped, hoping希望;期望;愿望hope to do I hope to go to college.我希望上大学.hope+that从句The foreign friends hope that they can join the celebrations for the university's eighty anniversary.外国朋友们希望能参加八十周年校庆活动

I hope to have a nice sleep tonight.I hope to donate my money to charity!I hope to know how is he now.I hope to go home .请问一下hope的用法,是hope sb do sth 还是hope sb to do sth 还是hope to do sth这道题的正确答案是:Hope有两种用法1

1:I hope in fifty years, there will be fewer cars.2:Robots can help people do some things that make people unpleasant.3:It seems that your haircut is out of style.

hope to do sth :希望做某事. I hope to have a lunch with you.

你好,hope有这两种结构;1:hope to do sth;希望做某事;2:hope that ..希望;3:hope sb to do sth:这种说法绝对错误!

有的,造句:I hope to live a ideal life.我希望过着理想的生活 满意请采纳,谢谢

1. I do not mind eating fish in this evening.2. I hope to do it with my sister.3. How do you like go to school?4. I agree with you opinion.

help doing

Get to there,and you will get ti.Let us do homework together.I hope to go swimming next week.

Happy new year! Have a good time.可以直接用 i'm having a meeting.我正在开会.i had have a meeting.我之前开了一个会.i will have a meeting..我将要..we should help each other/Teacher said ,we should help each other 我们应该互相帮助

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