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高中英语:有些短语自带了介词,比如hEAr From、BE hEArD oF、look ForwA


be keen on;be good at;do well in

1 abandon oneself to sth. 完全屈从于(某种感情或冲动)2 have a (the )ability to do sth. ( have the ability in doing sth.)有能力做某事3 to the best of one's ability 尽力4 be about to do when… 正准备做某事突然5 above all 首先,最重要; in all

away不是介词哦~ 是副词,形容词.常用的很多啊建议你直接买本字典语法要点 think(思考) 例如: 1) I've heard of him but I don't know who he is. 我听说过他,但

be / get / become used to 习惯于 be given to 喜欢;癖好 be related to 与…有关系 be addicted to 沉溺于;对…上瘾 be opposed to 反对 devote oneself to献身于;专心于 be devoted to 致力于;忠诚于 be admitted to 被…录取;准进入 be reduced

devote to doing

英语短语中 TO 是介词的情况,就像 look forword to 这种情况,1.你是要问英语短语中接doing sth.情况吧!像这种接doing sth.情况的常有:look forword to(doing)sth.期待(做).prefer (doing) (doing) sth.宁可(

高中阶段(至高考)介词to的词组总结如下:object to(反对),be/get used to(习惯于),look forward to(盼望、期待),be devoted to(致力于、全神贯注于),devote oneself to(致力于),come close to(差一点就),pay attention to


hear听到,听说hear of是“听说”,含有“听人说起”,“从书报上看到关于”等意义.that要改成WhatWhat I heard of is true.我所听说的是真的.

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