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There are a lot of interesting cartoon animals in the Disneyland, such as the dinosaurs, the ducks and the dogs. I like them very much. I will go there next month with my best friend Tom, and I am sure he will like it too.

1 I went to Hong Kong Disney Land with my mum, my brother and my grandma in July. Mad Hat Cup in Disney Land is my favorite game. We sat in a cup; it is green with a lot of waves pattern on it. The cups have different colors and patterns. When

还没有到迪士尼乐园,我就看见路边的米奇和各种卡通图案已经在向我们招手,好像在欢迎我们的到来.我快乐的像一只小白兔一蹦一跳的.来到门口,爸爸买好票,我的心高兴地快蹦了出来. 哇!迪士尼乐园真漂亮啊!简直就像来到了童话

disneyland park is a theme park located in anaheim, california, owned and operated by the walt disney parks and resorts division of the walt disney company. known as disneyland when it opened on july 18, 1955, and still colloquially known by that

The first of Hong Kong Disney swim Sunday, our whole family go to Disney paradise in Hong Kong to play, we family, we dozen car arrive tour the regiment gather point, very quick went by car to arrive at Disney paradise, we walked into Disney

A visit to Hong Kong During National Day my parents and I went to Hong Kong in South China.It is a beautiful seaside city because there are many places of interest in it.At first we visited my cousin's house.His house is quite different from mine.It is

My favourite cartoon character is Snow White.She is in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.Her mother died and her step-mother was very bad.She evebn tried to kill her.Later she met the dwarfs in the forest.They helped her.At last a handsome

My friend and i visited Hongkong Disneyland last sunday.We took bus to Disneyland at 8am. There are many visitors from different countries. We saw many cartoon characters such as Mickeymouse ,donald duck and the animal from ice age and we took many pictures.I want to be a cartoon maker.

I Like Disneyland I get to know Disneyland a year ago, at the time, my mother took me to Hong Kong, I was so happy, we went to Disneyland, I saw many lovely cartoon characters. I saw them when I was w

1. List the four Business Segments of The Walt Disney Company.(1). Studio Entertainment(2). Parks and Resorts(3). Consumer Products(4). Media Networks2. List four business areas for each Business Segment.(1). Studio Entertainment: Walt

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